it’s time for me to be more anonymous. people i know are beginning to check my old site and it’s cramping my style. i can’t decide if i should delete my old posts or transfer them here. i suppose i’ll start new for now and decide later. if you would like to give me some advice as a more seasoned blogger, please, your feedback is welcome.

the man in my life has gone away for a couple of days at my request. my reason for asking him to leave was that i’m tired, mentally. i’m not sure that’s a very good reason for asking the father of your child to not be around when you get home, but i’ve totally done it and i really don’t feel guilty about it.

on my way to work this morning, i imagined a conversation i’d like to have with a cute boy at the gym some day.

The boy would say to me, seemingly out of the blue, “My name is Shawn,” and I would reply immediately, “You look like a Shawn.”

“Oh,” he would say, surprised at my quick response. He would be able to tell I’d considered him before and take that as a good sign. “You look like a Mary.”

“No, but that’s close,” I would say. “It’s Catherine Anne.”


“Well, Catherine Anne is very Catholic sounding and so is Mary.”

“I see,” but I see he doesn’t, really. “Are you Catholic?”

“I was,” I would say.

“What are you now?”

I hesitate before I admit that I’m a humanist. He laughs and then he sees I’m not kidding. So I ask, “Is that a deal breaker?” He says he’ll have to get back to me.

I imagine he will Google it later and hope he finds the Wikipedia page with Kurt Vonnegut’s quote.

and then i parked my car and went on to work.

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