happy halloween

i had a busy yesterday, being halloween and all. i dressed as sarah palin and it turned out to be the most popular costume in the office. i look remarkably like either sarah herself or a chubby tina fey so it was a success but not always for the intended reasons. since i was at the office, i didn’t want to offend anyone, thus i kept my ridiculing to a minimum and just tried to be funny. seems that worked but i’m worried i actually encouraged her supporters a bit more than i would’ve wanted. it was more than a little uncomfortable. especially when i was summoned to my president and ceo’s office to “perform” my act. it was a hoot and they were rolling with laughter. i was crying on the inside…just like bozo the clown.

so, anyway, that was stressful.

then we had a halloween party for the little ones in the office so my parents brought lily down and i chased her up and down the hallway and through the cubes for 2 and a half hours, picking up candy wrappers and half eaten suckers behind her. due to my sarah palin heels, by 5 o’clock, or quittin’ time, I was exhausted and headed to my brother’s house for a trick-or-treat party.

my nieces and nephews wanted to take lily around the neighborhood and turns out my mother wanted to celebrate my birthday since my family can’t NOT economize EVERY gathering in an effort to get every last drop of celebration out.

needless to say, i was almost in tears from the pain in my feet by the end of the night and ready to put lily to bed and see how still i could make myself. you know, make a game of it.

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