hey, here’s a little good news about me

weird how the last two posts on my blog started with “d” so this one’s for me, dammit.  

my annual performance review was today and my boss told me this was the highest review she’s ever given anyone in her combined 25 years of managing folks.  now, outside of the smoke up my ass, i believe that she does like me and is happy with my work.

however, 6 months ago when i got a promotion to my current position,  i was loosely promised an effort to get me the highest raise possible since the economy was making it so difficult to get raises approved.  i understand that, i really do.  how can i look at the news and be upset that my raise wasn’t bigger than it was.  actually.  i was totally about to do that until i wrote that last sentence and realized what an ass that would make me.  so, let me go another route*.

my boss was blowing smoke but i still feel like the business because i got the highest review i’ve ever gotten myself and i’m patting myself on the back.  i do quality work.  the rest of my life suffers for it.  here’s my question:

why don’t i expend the effort i do when i’m getting paid on the rest of my life – the not at work one?

my husband would also like to know the answer to this.  so, too, will my daughter when she gets old enough to realize what mommy’s spending all her time on.  i must spend this next year trying to figure out how i can do what i do at work…at home.  i’m just so tired when i get home.  i’ve spent the entire day working, when i get home, i want to relax.  if my working was at home, i think it would be different.

what the shit am i going to do??


*for the record, the loose promise was for like 8% in december (now) and i received 2.5%.  that’s quite a discrepency.  i’m just sayin…

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