here are a few things lily has said or done in the past few weeks of her development that i would like to continue to associate with my memory of her as a toddler.

1. we taught her sting’s way of pronouncing the word jaguar…you know, jaggywar.  but now when we’re putting together the animal puzzle, she pronounces it jaggywater.

2. in the car the other day, she said she wanted to “go see christmas!”  

3. while playing on the computer with my dad last week, she got a little too rowdy so he put her in the chair next to the computer to chill out for a minute.  she got mad so she stomped her little feet into the kitchen where my mom was preparing dinner and declared that she was “upset with papa!”  she proceeded through the kitchen and around the dining room, circling her way back into the computer room with my dad.  she said, “i better now,” and went back to playing.

4. she picked up d’s i-pod this afternoon and held it up to her face with the screen pointing out to take a picture.

5. at my parents house, about 8 of us were sitting down for dinner and everyone started praying, “bless us oh lord and these thy gifts which we are about to receive…” lily looked puzzled and then she started singing happy birthday.  i’m such not a very good catholic.

well, those are just a few.  i can never think of the funny stuff when i try.  my memory is lost.  my friend amie calls her husband the keeper of her memories.  i feel the exact same way.

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