Hi internet,

I’m feeling flustered and frustrated with my job as of late.  Leadership here tends to cater to the old ways of thinking and doing rather than embracing the more progressive ways of being.  I feel held back and stifled.

So I’ve submitted my resume to a different company with a more progressive reputation, although it is still a corporation with a priority of making money.  While I appreciate the importance of good business sense, I have a hard time reconciling my feelings when it comes to making good personal decisions.

For example, this new career would require my family moving from TN to MN.  That’s quite a jump.  I feel confident that we would be happy there, culturally, but what about how much we would miss the comfort and security of home?  I do have family in MN, but D does not and Lily would not be near her grandparents.

Is it worth it?

How can I know for sure?

My current job is not helping matters.  Or maybe it is.  I’m getting tired and bored and impatient and it’s going to begin affecting my quality of work if I don’t do something soon.

Or maybe it’s just the rain…

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