My Cup of Tea

Yesterday’s post on one of my favorite blogs is called, Chaloner’s Snapping Fingers.  I’m officially inspired to let go of my inhibitions and join (gasp!) Facebook.  If I were on Facebook already, I would have an idea of where my friend has gone for the holidays.  If I were on Facebook, I would have virtual friends who might turn into real ones if I’m lucky.  If I were on Facebook, I’d have another medium to check to make me feel connected.  

I’m still not totally sure it’s a good idea, but I’m going to do it.  I’m going to hold my breath and take the chance that it won’t turn any virtual friends into real ones and will instead just make me feel worse that I can’t even keep virtual friends, much less real ones.

To me, that’s what a good blog does: it inspires us to get out of ourselves just a little bit.  We all deserve to leave our comfort zones every once in awhile in search of something more interesting than an ordinary day.  Don’t we?

It’s hard to tell much about her (the author of A Cup of Tea) but that only serves as a distraction for a minute.  I wander around her site every so often in search of pictures or some concrete information because I’m so entranced by her thoughts but it only ends up adding to the mystery and keeps me interested.

Hers is a portal to a thoughtful, deceptively intriguing, comforting string of words set to a backdrop of rich musical undertones.  I find myself taking long breaks from reading (she doesn’t update every day) only to be pleasantly surprised by what I’ve missed and end up spending an hour or more every time I check back.

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