This Weekend

I made of list of things to do this weekend.

  • Return library books
  • Get Watership Down and the book by Mark Bittman
  • Find books for Lily
  • Zoo
  • Friday night out?
  • Coffee & cream
  • Stencil on bedroom wall
  • turn rug in living room
  • Frame for cross stitch
  • Urban Outfitters sofa

How much of that will I actually get done?  We’ll go to the zoo and the library because we’re broke and that’s free and maybe I’ll turn the rug because I want to see what that would look like.  Wow.  This makes for some exciting reading, I know. I just haven’t posted in awhile and feel the need to get back in the habit…thank you for working through this with me.

But wouldn’t it be nice if I actually talked my husband into letting me do this wall stencil?


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