They Might Be Giants

I don’t know why it took so long for me to find more interesting music for Lily than the standard kids music. Whatever, though.  I’m happy to have found the music we’ve been listening to lately.  Here are some wonderful CDs that have made our lives lovely as of late:

1.  Rockabye Lullabies, The Beatles

This is the one that kick started our desire to find more great music for her.  She loved it and we listened to it almost every night for a month. In fact, it’s what prompted us to see what else was out there.  

2.  Smithsonian Folkways Children’s Collection 

We march around the house singing Ms. Mary Mack…Mack, Mack. All dressed in black…black, black. With silver buttons…buttons, buttons. All down her back…back, back. Go ahead, visit and play a sample. It’s wonderfully enchanting.

3.  They Might Be Giants, Here come the 123s.  

This is actually a CD and a DVD, up for a Grammy for Best Children’s Album, no less.  We also got Here Come the ABCs from Netflix but prefer the 123s, possibly just because it’s the CD we got first and have listened to every car ride since.  I used to say I was never going to be that parent who quits listening to my own music and let the kids music take over.  I had no idea the kids music could actually make for some good music.  Nonetheless, we all love listening to the CD and watching the DVD.  I love this one so much that I thought I’d share.  I like to sing it in my head at work and wonder at the irony.  Here, enjoy:

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