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Lily did something more than a little disgusting tonight.  I’ve heard of other children her age engaging in this type of behavior so I was able to keep calm but I’m still curious about her motivation.  So I looked it up on the internet, as is my habit, and found this funny little chain…just chock full of gems…


2 year old plays with poop, dad spanks her!!!
My b/f and i are trying to potty train my 2 year old. For the past 3 days, my child has been playing with her poop and smearing it on the bedroom walls and bed. The first time she did it, i just cleaned it up. The second time, I yelled at her (sorry to say) and then her dad spanked her. The third time, i wasn’t home so dad spanked her. After reading other parents suggestions, I will just continue to clean it up and explain to her that playing with poop is wrong. Dad feels he has the right to spank her whenever she does something wrong. I DISAGREE! I keep telling him that he needs to talk to her about it but since she doesn’t listen, he spanks her. Since he is her father, he feels the right to dicipline her however he choses. He will not listen to me, and I am upset with him! What can I do I am alot more patient with her than he appears to be, especially with potty training. She’s only 2 for crying out loud!!

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While I agree that his choice to spank her for everything is foolish, he is right that he has the right to do this. Obviously, the disciplinary methods that the pair of you have chosen are ineffective, so you need to come up with a different plan. This might sound like child abuse, but it can work- Have your daughter clean up her own mess. As for the disagreement in parenting, well, this is something that needs to be discussed before a couple has children. Now that she’s here, you’re going to have to come to an agreement. I suggest you sit down with him, and discuss what the rules and consequences will be. Have a mediator if necessary. If he’s unwilling to do this, then that tells me that he’s too lazy and set in his ways to effectively parent. He wants quick results based on what he knows, not to actually teach her discipline. Good luck to you.P.S.- Although it is normal for children to be fascinated with their excrement at this age, what she’s doing isn’t appropriate, and you may want to speak with her pediatrician about why she does it, and how to get her to stop.
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I chose your answer because you made a valid statement…”he’s too lazy and set in his ways to effectively parent. He wants quick results based on what he knows, not to actually teach her discipline.” With that said, we are separated as of today.

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No, spanking her will lead to more problems in the future. I remember in school the smearing poop is a sign of some kind of childhood issue, but I can’t remember for the life of me right now. You can try asking the psychology section or look it up yourself. I think it was Freud of Jung who came up with the theory.
spanking is bad. it does not solve problems and he should be patient with a two year old. no one should ever spank young children like your 2 year olds.
you should watch her and prevent her from playing with the stool. over time she will learn to do this properly. also teach her not to touch the stool.
if she is playing in it, she is not totally ready to be potty trained. you may be ready, but she is not !!! give her a few more weeks and try again. good luck. try and get on the same page as her father. if you do not agree to discipline now, i foresee problems in the future .
Playing with poop isn’t “wrong”. Leaving her with a poopy diaper is wrong and if you have her in underpants already they YOU are wrong because she isn’t potty trained. As for the father hitting MY child…I would report him for assaulting my child. NO ONE hits my kids.

Which is worse: spanking or contracting e.coli when poop get in an ear or eye or mouth or cut? 
Spanking is good for kids. I was spanked as a child and am a better person for it.
Empty the “potty” whenever she has made a “deposit”. That way she can’t “play” in it, etc.
if he keeps spanking her she may associate pooping with spankings and hide it when she does it instead of telling you so she can go on the potty.
thats messed up. tell him other ways to decipline a child, or get counseling. patience is key.
smack the butt of the poop thrower.
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