I’m very easily distracted but I must start getting things out of my head again. Where they land I do not care. The husband is going to have to live with the fact that I need a place to vent and to share. This is not about him. I find that I’ve hardly written since he asked me to quit writing about him. He inspires me, what can I say? If I didn’t care I wouldn’t be so passionate about writing about our perils. If we didn’t have perils we wouldn’t know how lucky we are when love is in the air.

So, anyway. My biggest distraction lately is the news that I will be having another baby. We are growing a family. I was scared at first, still a bit reserved but getting more used to the idea every day. I am distracted, though.

Distracted by the lack of fitting in my pants comfortably.

Distracted by having a secure income and taking no chances with that.

Distracted by finishing the kitchen in time for the new family member.

Distracted from losing those extra 20 pounds. Where the shit did those come from, anyway?

Distracted from focusing on taking Lily to toddler time on a regular basis. She’s gonna be a weirdo who only likes hanging out with old people.

You get the point.

Here are a couple of things I’d like to do before the baby arrives (I have approximately 32 more weeks):

  1. Finish kitchen (looks a lot like this)
  2. Buy teacups drawing from seasprayblue on Etsy
  3. Order baby announcements from tiny prints
  4. Get baby stuff BACK down fromthe attic
  5. See if the baby bjorn is up there
  6. Schedule Lily’s 3 year check up
  7. Save 2 months mortgage so I can take 3 months maternity leave
  8. Figure out where we’re going to put the new baby
  9. Make stuffed vegetables to document every stage of development in the womb (s/he’s a kidney bean this week)

Okay, I’ll add to this list later. Like I said, just looking to get some things out of the old noggin.

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