Lily’s Translations

Trying to explain to Lily that she will be getting a new baby brother or sister, we had this conversation:

Me: You know how baby Eliot is Sawyer’s little brother?

She: [plays with hair]

Me: We’re going to have our own baby brother…or sister.

She: We’re gonna get baby Eliot?

Me: No, we’re going to get our own Eliot!

She: [sticks finger in nose]

Me: Okay, you know how I carried you in my belly until you got too big and then you came out?

She: [sucks toothpaste off toothbrush]

Me: Well, I’m going to carry a new baby in my belly until he or she gets too big –

She: Baby Eliot gonna be in your belly?!?


Me: Nevermind.

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