Cool Link, Plans & Thoughts on Childbirth

I don’t include links to cool things often enough, mostly because I’m lazy. But check out this ink calendar by Spanish designer, Oscar Diaz.



In other news, I’m taking David and Lily with me to the doctor tomorrow to find out what we’re having. Lily was up last night all feverish and vomity but she’s been sleeping and resting most of the day so I’m hoping she’ll be  up to it. I think it will be a good experience for her to find out with us.

Also, I want to show her that doctors and hospitals aren’t just for when something’s wrong. She hasn’t been to a doctor’s appointment for almost a year and I’ve noticed lately that she says people go to the hospital to get fixed or when they’re bleeding. I don’t want her to think anything’s wrong with me when I go to have the baby.

Finally, I’m considering natural childbirth. I considered it briefly with Lily but since I didn’t really know what to expect I didn’t do much research or preparation. It was a very pleasant experience, though, so I don’t really have that to motivate me. I haven’t exactly been able to define why I’m so interested in trying to go without any medication. I don’t have a problemwith medication, in general. I believe it’s safe for the most part and don’t feel like it took away from my experience having Lily. On the contrary, actually, I felt like the epidural improved my experience and made me more able to focus on the beauty of childbirth instead of the pain.

So why am I considering natural now? Well, I think I’d like to experience the reality of childbirth this time. Almost as like a coming of age type of thing. The fact that women are lucky to be the only sex to have this experience is not lost on me. I realize how precious that is and I want to savor it. I want it to be real and natural and unique. I don’t want everything between me and the new baby to be exactly like it was with me and Lily. I mean, it’s not already and I don’t think it should be. We will have a different relationship and this is just another way to make sure of that.

Anyway, I’m just thinking about it.

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