It’s a GIRL!

I have been telling everyone and thinking I was having a boy since I found out I was pregnant. I don’t know if I was just trying to mentally prepare myself for a boy or what, but I was so totally wrong. I couldn’t be more excited, either. I’m just really relieved not to have to make the circumcision decision, not to mention that we won’ t have to rearrange our entire house to fit a boy into his own space.

It’s a girl!

I get to put her in Lily’s room and Lily gets a little sister! The thought just brings tears of joy to my eyes. She is such a sweet, compassionate little girl, she will be the perfect big sister. Oh and she will be so happy to have someone younger than her to teach things to and to read to. She’s already very excited about holding her – that’s the thing she always says when I ask her about the baby, how she will hold her in her lap. I can’t wait to let her do just that.

Now I get to start going through the clothes we have left from Lily and determining what we need again. First thing to do is pick out new fabric to go with the rest of Lily’s old crib sheets that mom made so she can have her own blanket. Lily will never give hers up, she loves it so much. And then of course there’s the name – another girl name to pick out! I’m liking May at this point but don’t know what goes with…I almost can’t see myself with two girls but at the same time that’s exactly what feels right.

I’ve done exactly what I’ve always wanted; I’ve grown my own two best friends. I know I’m their mother first, but deep down, they will always be my two best friends. I’ll just have to wait until they’re grown before I let them know that.

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