Does the nesting begin immediately, or something? Last time it didn’t start til it was basically too late; like right before my water broke.

I’m a cook-cook-cooking machine this weekend. I made Thick and Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookie Bars yesterday with chocolate and peanut butter chips and nuts last night, this morning I made Tall and Fluffy Cheddar-Chive Biscuits and today I made Shepherd’s Pie. What the shit has gotten into me?

I’ve also been cleaning quite a bit. Little, sporadic cleaning that doesn’t really add up to a wholly clean house or anything but I’ve certainly got some clean doors and countertops. I was inspired last weekend by this sweet website I stumbled upon whilst looking for carnival theme birthday party ideas. Check it. She has four simple rules to follow every day for keeping her house clean enough. So far it’s sort of been working for us. Dave and I divied it up and even though I’m a much better rule follower than he is, we’re doing alright. So, read the link for details but this is basically what we’re doing:

  • David – makes the bed when we get up and starts a load of clothes every day
  • Cathi – cleans sinks and kitchen before bed every night

She said a bunch of other stuff that was relevant and important but that’s what we boiled it down to. We’re simple folk.

Meanwhile, it looks like Lily has totally almost gotten the pooping on the potty concept DOWN. I almost hate to admit, but I think it was that last viewing of Elmo’s Potty Time that did the trick. At the beginning of the video Elmo asks the audience if they know how to go poo poo or pee on the potty and Lily was all, doe-eyed and wistful, “yes…” So cute. Then she pooped on the potty. Twice. I love Elmo!

She was sitting on the potty a little while ago, stalling to avoid nap time, and we asked her if she was done yet. She said not yet, she had to wait. “What are you waiting on?” we asked. “I’m waiting for my pee pee to come out of my GEGINA!”

Sorry! Geez…

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