Sunday Afternoon

On writing…or not writing so much but wishing I was writing. Wishing I was disciplined enough to get up before the family to organize some original thoughts outside of my head. It’s so hard to write with such a cluttered mind. I used to write when I had to for school. But I enjoyed it, even if it was only for specific assignments.

I’m reading Erica Jong’s biography for some reason, even though I’ve never read any of her books, and she’s doing a lot of talking about writing. Her desire to write, her writing process, the habits that kept her focused, specifically how she would write early in the morning before her daughter and husband were awake and before her thoughts became a jumbled mess. I can barely drag myself out of bed just in time to have a cup of coffee before I have to leave for work but I’d love to try her routine. Maybe I’ll try that this week. I  even cleared off the kitchen table and bought a new table cloth to inspire myself. I look forward to the clarity of a freshly awoken mind.

I discovered an artist on Etsy today. Her name is elsita and she also has a website here and here. I’m just enamored. Her stuff is beautiful! I have two lovely wooden picture frames just waiting for one of her papercut designs and a drawing. Just waiting…

I love the one called Anatomy of a Young Girl and the other one called Just Be…if you wanted to know.


This has been such a nice afternoon. I’m baking Pumpernickel bread in the bread machine (although it doesn’t really look like it’s rising and I don’t know what could’ve gone wrong but it still has an hour to rise so maybe I’m being a little premature) while David and Dale are leaf blowing the front yards. It’s nice to have a neighbor to do stuff with, even if I’m not the one actually doing anything. Dale got a hold of an electric leaf blower and they decided to combine forces. It’s taken them about an hour to bag almost 30 bags per yard. Holy crap that’s a lot of leaves and I seriously doubt we would’ve done anywhere near the same job if we’d have done it ourselves. Considering I’m 8 months pregnant and lazy as it is and neither one of us really cares that much about a yard full of leaves. I’m happy to have it done for the neighborhood’s sake, though. It makes us look more respectable, no?

Anyway, what a lovely day. David will be tired and content tonight, Lily hasn’t been yelled at once today, I don’t think, and I feel like I’ve had some quality home time. Everyone’s happy.

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