Five Things I Want for Christmas

In no particular order other than number five should also be numbers one, two, three and four…

1. bird pendant necklace

Babies always remind me of baby birds with their little mouths open looking for food. When Olivia came out, we had a chance to look at her and her little mouth was open in that sweet, innocent way. She was my beautiful little baby bird.

2. memory chest

I want David to make a beautiful chest for all of her things. I don’t want to get rid of anything I bought for her. I want to remember all of it and maybe even use it again some day.

3. wii fit

For obvious reasons. And so I never have to face the ladies at the gym who will expect an explanation when they see me sans belly.

4. potted olive topiary

We were going to call her Olive.

5. Olivia

It will be hard to keep myself from thinking all day about how I should still be pregnant with her. All these things seem like terrible consolation prizes for what I should be celebrating this Christmas. It just reminds me of the ride home from the hospital with a potted plant instead of a baby.

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