Everything Checks Out at 6 Weeks

I had my 6 week checkup today and the thing I worried about the most was returning to the office where my world was turned inside out. Where I found out the thing I was preparing for over the past year was not coming and I was forced to prepare in the opposite direction.

It wasn’t too bad. I also got to see the doctor who delivered Olivia and I was looking forward to that. She was a wonderful woman and I very much wanted her to see that she did a good job; I wanted to show her that her work was time well spent on me because I’m doing fine and am going to be okay. And I did. I told her that and I think she genuinely believed me which is good because I genuinely meant it. I don’t want to think about what a different experience I could have had if she and my nurse, Marilyn Major, had not been there for me. They were wonderful. I blather on…but I am so sincere.

So I’m going to start on Nuva-ring tonight. It’s more expensive than I expected but it was recommended and I think it sounds like a good choice. I don’t want to fool with pills anymore and I don’t like the idea of implanting something, least of all something I have to check for myself. Weird. So I’m going to insert the ring in a little while and we’ll see how it goes.

In other news, I spoke to a coworker tonight and that makes me so anxious. Just speaking to her about the same old shit gets immediately and immensely under my skin.

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