Movie Night

Two new movies came today we were both excited about watching, District 9 and Big Fan. We tried to put D9 on after dinner and a movie for Lily in the bedroom. That worked for about half an hour or just until it started getting good. She kept coming out to the living room wanting to play until we finally caved and played a game of Hello Kitty Bingo instead. After a bath, 3 stories and a tea party, we were finally able to resume our movie.

I’ve never seen a more realistic view of what could happen if aliens ever actually landed. The documentary style of telling the story was effective making it that much more believable. I was more than willing to suspend my disbelief when the aliens were introduced. It faltered a tiny bit at the end when things started wrapping up without enough explanation but I’ll forgive that since I sat with my hand over my mouth the entire rest of the movie. It was also left perfectly open for a sequal which I would totally look forward to.

Big Fan was more depressing and had not nearly as cool special effects but Patten Oswold somehow managed to still be funny. I felt like we were making fun of several sports fans we know even though his character was hopefully more over the top than our friends. There wasn’t a clear distinction between the main guys in this movie and normal people who like sports. Or just none of the characters in the movie were supposed to be normal at all. Even the supposedly normal dentist and dental assistant sister were unusually depressing. Not to mention his asshole brother and overly disappointed mother. I guess it was a movie about stereotypes and how extremism in any form can go embarrassingly wrong.

I like movie night. After the movie I fell asleep to sounds of the dryer and the soft hum of David sanding the finishing touches on a necklace for Lily in the next room. I’m wearing the one he made for me which will never be taken off.

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