Hello World

Today wasn’t especially wonderful or anything but I find myself feeling grateful and happy tonight nonetheless.

I noticed an ultrasound picture of Olivia at like 9 weeks on the refrigerator earlier and rather than taking it down and putting it away with her other things, I took her in and kept moving. I didn’t dwell or ignore, I just accepted her as she was and let her be.

I remember that ultrasound appointment like it was yesterday. David was meeting me after but didn’t go with me. I hadn’t even thought to ask him until the tech was about to type hi mom on the image. She paused before she added dad and asked if he was at work (which was apparently the only allowable explanation for his absence).

Today felt like me with a new heart.

  1. #1 by Madeline on February 7, 2010 - 2:01 am

    I’m glad you had a good day. Sometimes I have these now too. They’re worth appreciating.

    Maddie x

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