Musing Late at Night

Is it just me or does it seem like Saturday Night Live is funny again? I mean, I’ve never gone through a real long phase where I didn’t love SNL but its been really funny lately. And sometimes caustically so, which is often a relief that someone has the balls to say what everyone else is thinking. Specifically, who the cuss’s parents would have them tightrope walking over lions at 3 years old?? And why haven’t they been arrested for child endangerment or something? Seriously? WTF.

I think it’s the timing – both in the telling of the joke as well as the writing. The skits seem to hark back to the early days, the ones I never watched live, only recorded. Remember the shark knocking on the door perpetrating a pizza delivery guy? That’s the type of humor in the same vein as the bear in the hip hop kids in the cave. And the straight guy made the joke every single time.

…What are the odds we’ll see an actual bear in here?

Probable! Totally Probable!…

…Why is that bear so angry?

Because of our BEHAVIOR!…

Anyway, I just get all excited about social memes. There’s something intimate and connected about so many people at one time coming together and talking about how we’re all noticing the same cuss. It’s funny because it’s true and what a relief that we’re not alone, no?


Here’s a quick peak into my world…

I originally posted this entry from my husbands HTC Hero (I’m editing on the computer) and the smart type thing just blew up at my typing on a touch screen. I have a BlackBerry with a keyboard, which is small but tangible. I was reminded of a story in my office lately about the funny way one of my coworkers signed an email to our VP, thanks to spell check. A peculiarly similar guy to George from Seinfeld guy – he meant to sign his email, Sorry for the inconvenience. Except, he misspelled a word, and Spellcheck corrected it to be, Sorry for the incontinence. Ha! Like, Sorry I popped in your email!

Ahh…corporate humor.

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