On Feeling Justified

I’m so charmed by that last comment on my previous post that I might just write a whole new post about it. Really. It’s a feeling beyond sweet to know someone…just one someone, has taken comfort in all my talk, talk, talking.

I love to hear myself talk and I’m constantly giving people advice or my opinion about something. I worry sometimes that I should back off a bit but I’m just so sure I’m right most of the time that I feel it’s my duty to share. I would almost compare myself to one of those annoying Christians if I wasn’t so respectful when someone didn’t agree with my advice. Almost.

And by annoying Christians, I mean those people who go to church several times a week and then feel justified bringing up God every chance they get. Like when you’re in the hospital losing a baby and they pull holy water out of their purse and start sprinkling it on you. Really? I love my sister and I know she truly feels like that was an expression of love but it was this close to going too far. And if that was only “this close,” considering how right my sister thinks she is, imagine her normal.

Now imagine someone like that but on the complete opposite spectrum. Like flaming but not gay. I once doodled a picture of the world with the land masses in the shape of a yin yang with little papercut looking people holding hands all around it. And then I had it tattooed on my back. In purple, the color of peace.

Yes. I am that girl. But sincerely, I think, and that totally matters.

I should point out here that all my cool genes got lost in the can’t-we-all-just-get-along happy genes. You can’t have your cake and eat it too is what I tell my husband.

Anyway, like you could probably tell from the beginning, this post had no real point other than to express my joy at the sense of making a difference in the world through this fumbly business I call writing. It feels good.

I suppose that’s why I blog. What other reason is there than to tell the universe how right you are? Right?

  1. #1 by Hannah on July 14, 2010 - 5:54 pm

    Oh – glad to hear I helped spark another post! I was just coming back so I could show a friend your comforting words. This “fumbly business” definitely makes a difference.

    I think I’m an over-talker, over-sharer too, but I’m gradually learning to find the “appropriate sense of space” as the sun says in Frank O’Hara’s poem:

    always embrace things, people earth
    sky stars, as I do, freely and with
    the appropriate sense of space. That
    is your inclination, known in the
    and you should follow it to hell, if
    necessary, which I doubt.”

    Full poem is here: http://oldpoetry.com/opoem/23020-Frank-O-Hara-A-True-Account-Of-Talking-To-The-Sun-At-Fire-Island

    Who knows whether we’re “right” or not, but if something has the resonance of a true feeling, then there is a good chance it will resonate with someone else.

    (maybe that’s just my hippy way of saying it might be right)

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