6 Years of Traditional Bliss

Six years ago today my husband rolled over to my side of the bed and, into the morning light streaming through the windows said, Hey.

Wanna drive to Vegas and get married?

Today? I asked.

Why not?

It was a Sunday. He was right. Why not?

Sure. Why not?

We were probably still drunk from the previous nights bottle of Jagermeister but I do not think that factored one bit into my decision. I would say the same thing today.

We would’ve gone through a drive-thru if we could’ve found one. Instead we settled for a little chapel with jam box music from a tape and instructions whispered from the preacher in the back of the room. He met us at the front of the tiny chapel and read us our rights, I mean, our vows. Our very sacred vows. We giggled all the way through the service and didn’t want to let go of each other when it was over.

We made a real day of it. Our honeymoon was the drive through Hoover Dam where we got someone to take our picture and bought a t-shirt David still wears 6 years later. When we got to Vegas, we bought one of those red, see-through visors Hunter S. Thompson wore when he was working on a story and some McDonald’s.

As silly as the ritual was in our eyes, the meaning behind the words were real. We found out that even though we’d been together 5 years already (living in sin since 2 weeks after we started dating), we didn’t know what a life long commitment would feel like. We didn’t realize how much deeper our emotions would be for each other. There was a sense of relief that neither of us expected. A sense of security that’s grown each day since.

I told him this morning that I love him more today than I did that day we got married and I mean that from the bottom of my cheesy heart. I can’t imagine fighting with anyone else over who does more laundry, or who spends more quality time with Lily. I don’t want to know what it feels like to fall asleep with anyone else by my side every night. I don’t want to wonder if anyone else could put up with my lack of motherly tidiness, or my sensitive head. I only want David to put up with those things. And if I’m reading him correctly, I’m pretty sure he feels the same way.

  1. #1 by beth on August 10, 2010 - 12:17 am

    That’s a lovely story 🙂 Congratulations!

  2. #2 by Catherine W on August 10, 2010 - 4:29 pm

    Happy anniversary to you and David.

    The story of your wedding is lovely, I especially like the Hunter S. Thompson-esque red visors.

    The last paragraph . . so much love and security there. I hope you had a lovely day together.

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