Between You and Me

As a way of reintroducing myself to my blog, which is mostly for me anyway, I will be spending some time this evening redecorating a bit. I realized tonight that I don’t write anymore because every time I come here, I’m catapulted back 2 years and wind up with tears streaming down my face, reliving the most horrible event I’ve ever experienced. As evidenced by the salty residue on my cheeks and the slightly stuffed up snot nose. Which is both sad and gross.

So I’ll be doing a little clean up, a little make-over, if you will, in an effort to redefine my purpose here. I don’t really need a soothing place to open my soul to these days. My feet are pretty firmly planted in the now. I’m not terribly interested in revisiting the past, reliving the pain, listening to that sad, old voice I developed while here. Though I must say, I’m sort of proud of the voice I developed. I’m proud of how I healed and I’m glad I have proof.

So, I hope you like the changes. I do. See? Here’s me happy…

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