Ambition and Debauchery

So, people, somebody’s about to get ambitious up in here. It’s been a year since I’ve been in my new job, and even longer since I’ve had to interview for something,. I’m getting a big head and probably more than a little over confident, which is a good sign that I need to move somewhere more challenging. Working with people who are smarter and more experienced than I am keeps me on my toes.

I like feeling like I have to work to keep up. If I start feeling like I do now,which is almost completely uninspired, I stop trying so hard and the stinky stagnant sets in. I can literally feel myself weighing how far my reputation will take me while surfing the internet when I should be working on some boring project. I didn’t used to let myself drift that far but I’m catching myself more and more lately.

So I’m gonna apply for a position that will be a nice promotion and a good bit more responsibility. And respect…I hope. Though I feel pretty respected by my peers, I’m not so sure about the bosses. Mostly because I’m not getting paid near as much as most of the people I work with. They’ve all been there forever; I have significantly less experience. But with years of service comes years and years of growing complacency. And that’s where my opportunity comes in.


Also, DMH and I went to the lake with 3 couples and a single this weekend and had the best time. We did an obscene amount of swimming, relaxing, laughing, drinking, peeing, singing, some-things-that-shall-not-be-named, and just generally whatever the fuck we wanted for almost three straight days. No children. No responsibilities. No false niceties. Just rude, obnoxious, funny-as-all-get-out friends we’ve known for 20 something years (holy shit we’re old).

Here’s my “best stuff to do on a drunken weekend at the lake with friends you’ve known forever” list:

  • Best way to float in the water: legs stuck through an upside-down life jacket, zipped up front. Total water chair for drunk adults.
  • Best, most least discussed part of getting drunk in the lake: Unabashed peeing.
  • Best place to float: underneath the boat between the pontoons like some sort of secret, underwater club.
  • Best thing to cook after fajita night if you don’t want to take home left-overs: everything nachos (and I mean everything – beans, chicken, steak, turkey sandwich meat, rice, hallucinogens, guacamole, sour cream, you name it)
  • Best time to canoe: almost midnight
  • Best time to skinny dip: not while your friends are having drunk sex by the moonlight

And my personal favorite:

  • Best sign along the way: “Road Unsafe When Under Water”
Did I mention we were in Arkansas?


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