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Delicious Chocolate Chapstick Honey Balm

I found this recipe for chocolate lip balm on Instructables and have finally received all the ingredients to make it today.  I had to order from two different Etsy stores and found the rest at the store this morning.  I’m so excited – now all I have to do is design an awesome label for my adorable lip balm containers and, well, make it.  I’ll let you know how it goes.

Also on the agenda for today is these bulky breakfast burritos.  Making breakfast in advance excites me to no end.  I dream of waking up and sleep walking to the kitchen to prepare coffee and breakfast like I live on a ranch or something.  I’m so sick of relying on Jimmy Dean or Kraft to take care of me, during the week anyway.  Also, I listened to Michael Pollan offer the president food for thought and have been insanely inspired.  Why not have a garden at the Whitehouse??  People desperately need to be growing at least the regional basics.  On our list of garden items this year are:

  • sweet potatoes
  • tomatos
  • corn
  • lettuce
  • herbs

And then there’s this Olive Oil Almond Cake.  I’m so much like my mother when it comes to recipes.  The strangest sounding ones stand out to me but thankfully I’ve finally learned what actually tastes good together, unlike like my mother who once made barbecue sauce with cocoa powder.  I think the recipe actually called for mole and she thought cocoa powder was an acceptable substitute?  I don’t know but it was something awful.  

In any event, looks like I’ll be deliciously busy this weekend.


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like my mother

D sold another bowl this week to a woman who wants to give it to her sister as a Christmas gift.  Because he appreciates the sentiment, he asked that I make an extra special bag to put it in (I make the bags for the bowls, see).  So I decided to line the plain white cotton bag with a super soft felt material.  It turned out to be quite lovely, if I don’t say so myself.

What I loved the most, though, was not the bag itself, but the feeling I had of being so like my mother at 6 o’clock this morning while hemming the edges with the final stitches in my furry green bathrobe and morning breath.  

What is it with me and morning breath (see Waking Up)?

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