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We Sit and Listen

We sit and listen to you in the night,

when you think we think you’re sleeping.

We sit and listen to you in the night,

lucky enough to hear you creeping.


You replay the day’s events

talking and thinking out loud.

You don’t realize we hear every word

and seriously couldn’t be more proud.


You’re not down a long hallway,

with twists and turns through the dark.

Our house is small and our hearts are huge

Listen to you!  You’re so smart!


It occured to me tonight just how lucky we are to hear the little conversations you have in your room at night when you can’t fall asleep.  You talk and sing and order your babies around like you’re the momma bird.  If you were upstairs we’d have no idea you exist in a totally different world in there where you’re in charge.  You’ve got the power.


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like my mother

D sold another bowl this week to a woman who wants to give it to her sister as a Christmas gift.  Because he appreciates the sentiment, he asked that I make an extra special bag to put it in (I make the bags for the bowls, see).  So I decided to line the plain white cotton bag with a super soft felt material.  It turned out to be quite lovely, if I don’t say so myself.

What I loved the most, though, was not the bag itself, but the feeling I had of being so like my mother at 6 o’clock this morning while hemming the edges with the final stitches in my furry green bathrobe and morning breath.  

What is it with me and morning breath (see Waking Up)?

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