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tablerone, or taberet, or whatever…

d made this unbelievably charming table and he’s been trying to decide what to do with it.  should he give it to his dad for christmas, should he sell it, should we just keep it?  what should he do?  

i don’t think he should give it to his dad, lest he put all this sentimental value into it that d never intended.  he doesn’t want to sell it, i think because he wants to keep it.  i think he needs to let someone have it who wants it enough to pay for it.  it’s wonderful and it deserves the glory.  if we just keep it, we’ll be unfairly enjoying it, i think. 

then he has the perfect idea.  he’ll give it to lily for christmas.  we’ll put her little reading chair next to it in the book corner of her bedroom.  it’ll be her own little table and that stupid plastic tyco crap is going outside.  it will be such a part of her that she won’t even think twice about taking it with her when she moves.  it will be her bedside table, her tv stand, her footstool and then maybe someday, her daughter’s tea table.  maybe d will have made some little arts and crafts chairs to go with it for tea parties and birthday cake.

i asked him how he was going to give it to her.  was he going to wrap it up and put it under the live potted christmas tree or just put it in her room?  he said,

i’m gonna let her take it when she moves.


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